10 Minute Mail Alternatives in 2019

In this day and age privacy on the Internet is an issue, to say the least. From phishing scams to incessant spams to intrusive notifications, you must protect your online identity. But what can you do when a website that you want to visit asks you to register with them? Thankfully there are tools now to safeguard your private email addresses and more importantly, they are very simple to use. Websites like 10 minute mail create a fake email address that gets deleted after exactly 10 minutes. But we also have a list of 10 minute alternatives.

In this article, we are going to take a look at why someone might need an alternative to 10 minute mail and also give you 18 other websites that are also pretty great. Let us get started.

Why a 10 Minute Mail Alternatives?

10 minute mail is an incredibly useful website. It helps you protect your private information by giving you a fake email address that will only work for 10 minutes. This is great in case you do not trust a particular website or you want to avoid newsletters and spam pile up. But what if 10 minute mail stops working? Or what if you want more features like wanting a fake website for more than 10 minutes? Our list contains websites that might suit your needs.

10 Minute Mail Alternatives

You can check these websites and their descriptions out to determine which one you would like to go with. They aren’t ranked in any particular order so feel free to choose whatever seems appealing to you.


MailDrop is very simple and free to use. Just create any random address in the maildrop.cc domain and you will be good to go. It does not require any sign-up or a password and you can use it anywhere. The fake address will be disposed within a few hours and your actual account will be safe from any junk. If you want to access the inbox related to your fake address just head on over to their website and type in the address.

But if you are expecting an email that is of immediate use, then MailDrop might not be for you. If you are expecting this email from a relatively unknown website, the email may take up to an hour to reach your inbox.


Mailinator is another alternative to 10 minute mail that is very similar to it. It creates a disposable email address for you within a few seconds. There is a free and paid version too. For most people, the free version should work just fine but the important thing to note is that the inboxes are shared and there is very little privacy because of it but all the emails arrive instantly.

The user interface is very elegant and the email will last a few hours. The paid version has a lot more security features but it does cost $150 a month if billed annually.



This site is very simple to use as you can create your own random fake address at the press of a button. In the Getairmail website, all you have to do is press the Get Temporary EmailĀ button and you will be taken to its inbox. The first email address will probably be a random jumble of characters.

You can use this random email address if you want to be a rebel. If you don’t want to do that, Getairmail also lets you change the email address to whatever you want.

Guerrilla Mail

Guerilla Mail is one of the oldest fake email providers and the official website does reflect that age. But it is incredibly easy to use and you can even choose what your email address ends with. This includes options like @guerillamai.com, @pokemail.net and my personal favorite, @sharklasers.com.

The inbox lasts as long as you want it to and that is how it mainly differs from 10 minute mail.


Bouncr does not work like most of the entries on the list. It requires you to sign up with your original account. After this, you will be sent an email with your fake account and you can do whatever you want with it. Unlike most 10 minute mail alternatives, you can choose to delete the fake whenever you like.

Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator is one of the most feature-rich email address providers. All you have to do is visit the website and copy the random email address that is generated and you are good to go. It works just as well as 10 minute mail and is not all that different from it. You can also choose your domain name and it can even be country-specific.


If you have an embarrassing email address that you created when you were 13 years old but it has become extremely important to you, then Landmark should be great for you. it lets you create a fake email address but the messages sent to it will arrive in your regular inbox. You can now share your email address with your colleagues without the fear of snickers.


Dispostable is very similar to 10 minute mail but it does not generate any random email address. But it does let you pick any address you want as long as it ends with dispostable.com. You will be taken to the inbox and you will be free to use this address for 3 more days.


Spamgourmet requires you to sign up and confirm your actual email address. But it does offer a lot of features. You can choose when the address expires or use it for however long you want. You can even set it to expire after a specified number of messages.


YOPmail lets you keep your messages for 8 days. It is very simple to use and the address generation is very fast. It requires no registration whatsoever.


Dropmail lets you create an email address without any registration whatsoever. But it is a great 10 minute mail alternative since it lets you choose the time for auto-deletion, so it can be 10 minutes or more.


Harakirimail has a very appropriate name if you are familiar with the ancient Japanese ritual. All you have to do is give the address ending with @harakirimail and it requires no registration. After 24 hours, the email will be automatically deleted. There are an application and browser extension along with the official website forHarakirimail.



33mail is another website that requires you to sign up with them. You will be given 10 MB of storage (roughly 500 emails) and you can choose whether you want selected emails forwarded to you.


This website is free but there are tons of features available. InboxBear offers you up to 10 inboxes which means 10 email addresses. It requires no registration or passwords and is incredibly simple to use.


This is a website that looks old but is also incredibly simple. you don’t need to register at all and all of your spam will go to its inbox. The inbox will be emptied automatically after 7 days and the best part is you can choose any ID you want.


This works like most email address generators as all you have to do is click on generate and you will be taken to your new inbox. They also offer an option to copy the email address on your clipboard.

Final Take

You can now browse the Internet without worrying a lot about your privacy. That is all there is to know about 10 minute mail alternatives and hopefully, you have found it to be helpful. If there are any doubts or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section down below and we will get back to you soon.

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