28 Free 1fichier Premium Link Generator [Unlimited]

1fichier comes under one of the best websites when it comes to storing your data online securely with no uploading limit. Since it focuses on file hosting, it is easy to operate. All you need to do is upload your file and share its link worldwide. In this article, we will talk about the Best 1fichier Premium Link Generators that you can use with no limits. 

You can use any 1fichier Link generator listed in this article for free. So, let’s get started.

Introduction to 1fichier

1fichier is one of the cloud storage websites. It provides you with all the facilities of storing, backing up, sharing, downloading and uploading files over the internet. These files are accessed through the internet while once uploaded remains saved over the server and provided easy accessibility. 1ficher is France based. It has a majority of its customer from Europe. It is highly flexible and fast. I think you caught me right, here in this article we will be talking about 1fichier Premium Link Generator.

1fichier network

1fichier network uses CDN Network. It operates its own server. It has multiple servers and hence never fails in providing high speed.

Like the other online cloud storage websites, 1fichier also offers 2 types of accounts and those are:

  1. Free Account
  2. Premium Account

1fichier Free Account remains free. That means you do not have to pay any amount to use it while 1fichier Premium Account has some fees to use it. Paying for 1fichier is worth it as it offers many more benefits and awesome features.

Top 1fichier Premium Link Generator

There are several sites for generating premium link and they are commonly known as 1fichier Premium Link Generator.

  1. LeechPro
  2. 1FichierPro
  3. AutoGenerateLink
  4. BigSpeeds
  5. CBoxEra
  6. CBoxPremiumLeech
  7. CocoLeech
  8. Debrid.xyz
  9. Debrideco
  10. DeepBrid
  11. EXRapidLeech
  12. FakirDebrid
  13. GenerateAll
  14. GetIDN
  15. HubTurkey
  16. Leech1s
  17. Leech360
  18. Leech3s
  19. LeechAll
  20. LeechPremium
  21. Mega-Debrid
  22. OceanOfFiles
  23. OnLeech
  24. Prem.link
  25. PublichLeech
  26. ShareDir
  27. TotalDebrid
  28. Tout-Debrid

Let’s now have a more detailed look on these 1fichier Premium Link generators.


It has both free and premium type of accounts. The free account has download limit of 5 GB whereas Premium account has a download limit of 15 GB. It is customers’ first choice because it is cheap. This is better interface for user interaction and upon opening the site the first thing it shows up is a site user interaction form. It is very much comfortable and useful to use. It is one of the best 1fichier Premium Link Generator. To generate the premium account using Deepbird, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open the official site of Deepbird at www.deepbird.com/downloader

Step 2: Enter the copied designated link and paste in the input text box.

Step 3: Press the Generate button.

Uploaded Premium Link

It is a 1fichier Premium Link Generator site. It generates both free as well as premium links. It supports 5 GB download for Free Account whereas 15 GB of download for premium user. Follow the below step and get your premium account generated.

Step 1: Visit the official site of Uploaded Premium Link at www.uploadedpremiumlink.xyz

Step 2: Copy and paste the link.

Step 3: Click on Generate.


It is one of its kind used for generating premium account links. For generating premium links using LeechAll the 1fichier Premium Link Generator, use below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Go to the official site of leechall at https://leechall.com/

Step 2: Paste the copied link in the text input box.

Step 3: Press the Download button.

And you Premium Account is generated using Leechall.

Premium Leech

For creating a free Premium Account using Premium Leech, the 1fichier Premium Link Generator, follows the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Visit the official website Premium Leech at premiumleech.eu/generate-premium-link

Step 2: Copy the link of the document you want to download and paste the link at the centre of the homepage where you see an input text area.

Step 3: Verify the captcha.

Step 4: Mark the tick against agreement checkbox.

Step 5: Click on “Generate Premium Link”.

Step 6: Now the processing will start and you will be directed to the next page for generated 1fichier Premium Account link.


It offers a great deal to downloading multiple files for different kinds of websites. Also, it has around 100 file hosting sites available all the time. It has a little error appearance problem and a confusing site which can be solved if the user has some prior knowledge of the site and had gone through user reviews thoroughly.

Pros of Leech360.com

  •    This contents a variety of content from various hosting sites and proves to be an end to your endless search.
  •    It offers you immense features that too at a pocket-friendly fee.
  •    The uploading process is quite accessible.

Cons of Leech360.com

  • It offers and supports so many hosting sites that sometimes it becomes tacky to handle and you end up in a confusion which is the site that you were looking for.
  • You need to have prior knowledge for using this site. So it’s a bit tacky for beginners to start with.
  • Lots n lots of annoying error pops up while browsing and causes a moment of frustration.

Generator Features

  • Download Full Speed

Premium Accounts offers a very high speed compared to free Account. It can be felt when you switch from a free account to Premium Account. And this swapping of free account to a premium account is done by 1fichier Premium Account Generator.

  • Access unlimited files

Unlimited files can be accessed easily and effectively through the premium account. All you need to do is put up your designated link and browse more and more data.

  • Resume Download available

It is one of the best feature offered by 1fichier Premium Account Generator. therefore. it allows you to start downloading from where you stopped. Downloading fails due to network issue and many more.

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The Bottom Line

1fichier is one among the best sites for storing and backing up the files. They are safe, secure and reliable. These files are easily accessible with a proper internet connection. I would definitely recommend you to use 1fichier and enjoy the benefits. For further queries, reach out to us via comment section.

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