About Us

JellyFish Operations is a site targeted towards latest technology trends and innovations. Our Site strives to help readers solve their queries and doubts related to many different categories that we cater.

Currently we have a team of 5 content writers, 2 editors, 1 developer, 1 designer and 2 managers who are regularly working together in order to bring the best solutions on our blog.

On JellyFish Operations you can find the following categories;

  1. Gaming
  2. Technology
  3. Gadgets
  4. Reviews
  5. Apps
  6. Windows
  7. Mac

Under these categories, we aim to provide solutions of all sort. This includes, how-to guides, simple tips/tricks, Error solving guides, product reviews and interesting lists.

What will you find in Gaming Category?

Gaming is at an all time high. With the boost of e-sports, gaming has now taken a professional turn in lives of many young people. This resulted an increase in the number of gaming related doubts on the internet.

We at jellyfish are helping gamers solves all their gaming related errors and queries. This includes, installation errors, in-game errors and some tricks.

Not only that, we also aim to provide various deals and discounts to gamers.

Understanding our Gadgets Category

We review products to help understand the pro-cons of it. This helps readers to make a buying decision.

We review both physical products and softwares.

Windows/Mac/Android Category

These categories on JellyFishOperations covers basic and simple How-to guides on common problems that people face on a regular basis. Our authors try to explain the problem and the solutions in the best way possible, so that readers can easily fix their problems without wasting money on some third parties.

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