Bee Swarm Simulator Codes 2020 [Roblox]

It’s always nice to get free stuff in Bee Swarm Simulators. Getting free goodies lets you progress much faster without spending a single penny and expand your hive. Fortunately the Bee Swarm Simulator codes are available online for you to take advantage of and the best part is this is given out by the creators themselves.

In this article, we are going to take a look at Roblox and Bee Swarm Simulators for the people who are not familiar with the game. We will also look at the codes and show you how to redeem them. Excited? Let’s get started!

What is Bee Swarm Simulators?

Bee Swarm is an extremely popular multiplayer game on Roblox and it was created by Onett. It is a great way of spending your free time if you have an interest in bees. The goal of the game is to hatch bees, scoop up some pollen and make sweet honey. At the start, you can choose between 6 unclaimed hives and start growing your hive. You will be given a basic bee egg. you have to get the pollen from nearby areas and the bees in your hive will convert it into delicious honey.

But don’t worry, if you think that’s all that the game offers, you are sorely mistaken. You can upgrade almost every part of your hive and expand it to your liking. After your hive is large enough, you can further explore the mountain you are on. To make matters more interesting, you will have to fight off dangerous bugs and monsters. But you can also find a lot of friendly bears that’ll help you out. You can also go on treasure hunts. You can check out Bee Swarm Simulators by clicking on this link.

If you are new to Roblox, we will explain basically what it is. It is a massive online multiplayer platform that has players from all over the world. What is special about Roblox is that it let’s it’s users to create their own games from their imagination. As a result, there are tons of genres in Roblox. When you first sign up, you are given a new world to do anything. Once created, you can let your friends and other players in on the fun. If you want to sign up for Roblox using this link.

What are Bee Swarm Simulator Codes?

Promo codes are great stuff for everyone involved in a product. Promo codes attract new players with free goodies while rewarding the current players. It also earns the company that takes part some goodwill. This is why promo codes are better than most promotional material out there.

Bee Swarm Simulator codes were introduced in the game in May 18 2018. There are a lot of items associated with it, including tickets, gumdrops, honey, Royal Jelly and so much more.These codes are legit as it comes directly from Onett. Sometimes, the creator posts the codes in the game itself. Other times, they will post it on the Roblox page, the Bee Swarm Simulator Club, The game’s Discord server or the official Twiiter account. Make sure you follow them to be up to date on the codes.

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List of Active Simulators

Since it is a hassle to manually find out all of the active Bee Swarm Simulator codes. So we took the liberty to compile the currently active ones.

1. 2MFavorites – 5x Ticket, Oil, 5x Strawberry, 5x Blueberry, 5x Wealth Clock, Haste+, Royal Jelly, Baby Love, Black Bear Morph, 2x Stump Field Bost and also 5x Sunflower Field Boost
2. 300MVisits – x10 Treat, x 2 Sunflower Field Boost, x 2 Rose Field Boost, x Royal Jelly, Wealth Clock and also x 2 Pine Tree Forest Boost
3. 38217 – 5 Free Tickets
4. 500mil – 5 Field Dice, 5 Gumdrops, 5 Jelly Beans, 5 Wealth Clock, 1h Conversion Boost, 2 Stump Field Boost, 3 Bamboo Field Boost, and also Science Bear Morph. But it is BSS Club Exclusive
5. August – 3 Rose Field Boost, 3 Bamboo Field Boost, 1 Conversion Boost, and also Glitter x1
6. BeeDay2019 – 1 Bumble Bee Jelly, 1 Jelly Beans, 1 Field Dice, 1 Micro-Converter, 1 Gumdrops, 1 Strawberry, 1 Blueberry, 1 Pineapple, 1 Sunflower Seed, 30min Conversion Boost, 4 Pumpkin Patch Boost, and also 3 Mother Bear Morph
7. BeeMine – Royal Jelly, 3x Rose Field Boost, 10x Strawberry and also 1 hour conversion boost
8. Bloxyboost – 5x Ticket, 5x Mushroom Field Boost and also 1 hour Conversion Boost
9. BloxyCelebration – 5 tickets, magic bean, baby love, 5 clover field boost, 3 mountain top field boost and also 6 hours conversion boost
10. Bopmaster – 5 Free Tickets
11. Buzz – 5.000 Free Honey
12. ClubBasket – 3 Jelly Beans, 2 Blue Flower Field Boost, 2 Sunflower Field Boost, 1 Mushroom Field Boost, 1 Royal Jelly , and also 10 Gumdrops. But just for BSS Club Members
13. ClubBean – 2x Pineapple Patch Boost and also Magic Bean
14. ClubConverters – 10 Micro-Converters, but just for BSS Club Members
15. Cog – 5 Free Tickets
16. Connoisseur – 5 Free Tickets
17. Crawlers – 5 Free Tickets
18. Discord100k – Marshmallow Bee Buff, 3 Rose Field Boost, 3 Pine Tree Forest Boost, 3 Spider Field Boost, 3 Jelly Beans, 3 Gumdrops, 3 Moon Charm, and also Ticket
19. GumdropsForScience – 15x Gumdrops
20. Nectar – 5.000 Honey
21. Marshmallow – 1 Marshmallow Bee and also 1h Conversion Boost
22. Reboooot – Wealth clock, 2 hours conversion boost, 4 spider field boost and also stump field boost
23. Roof – 5 Free Tickets
24. SecretProfileCode – Oil Buff, Flue Buff, Ant Pass, Shocked Bee Jelly and also Enzymes Buff
25. Sure – 2.500 Honey, 3x Dandelion Field Boost and also 30 min conversion boost
26. Wax – 5 Tickets and also 5.000 Honey
27. WikiAwardClock – 5x Wealth Clock
28. WikiHonor – 3x Strawberry Field Boost, 5x Inspire, 10x Pineapple, Stinger, Royal Jelly and also 10x Gumdrops
29. Wink – 5 Tickets, Haste +, +7 Dandelion Field Boost and also 5.000 Honey

How to Redeem Bee Swarm Codes?

Redeeming codes in this game is extremely simple. Follow our instructions and you should have no problems.

  1. Open Bee Swarm Simulator.
  2. Select the gear symbol on top left part of the screen.
  3. At the top of the menu, enter the promo code. If your promo code is valid, there will be a tick.

Final Take

That’s all there is to Bee Swarm Simulator codes. Hopefully, our article was of great help to you and the game should be more enjoyable. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section down below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you want to check out Roblox song codes, you can find it in Best Roblox Music Codes 2019 [All Famous Songs IDs].

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