Clash Royale Free Gems Generator [2019] No Survey Required

Have you ever wondered how free to play mobile applications make their money? Surely they have families to feed? The answer is in-game purchases. Every day, players spend real world money on gems to get an edge in the game. Ever been annoyed at a player that uses the advantages they brought even though you are more skilled? Then this article will let you know how to get Clash Royale free gems.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the ways to get the gems and their uses. We will also take a look at free Clash Royale gem generators.

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Why Clash Royale Free Gems?

Gems are the main form of currency in this game. You can purchase anything from changing quests to buying emojis. These are a great asset to have in this game and will help you a lot with your gameplay progression.

This is why we are here. If you can’t afford to pay real world currency for your game, you can simply follow our methods and enjoy the game more. Items like King’s chests are very valuable and now you can have it for free.

Clash Royale Free Gems Generator 2019

Let’s talk about something anyone searching for a nything free on the Internet will come across. Generators. These websites will promise you all sorts of free goodies and all you have to do is register your user ID and enter the number of gems you want. Or you can just complete a shady looking survey and have your gems. Sounds pretty good yeah? Unfortunately, these websites exists only to make their creatorspockets grow bigger and give them nothing in return. You will be duped while they make their ad revenue and the money they earn from selling surveys.

The most important thing you need to remember is that these websites are fake and you should always stay away from them. Any website that claim they can generate gems out of thin air should be taken with a huge mountain of salt. That being said, these are some of the working methods you can try to earn yourself some free Clash Royale gems.

Methods to Get Clash Royale Free Gems

There are three ways you can use to earn free Clash Royale gems. The entries are ranked with the easiest entry on the top. Let’s begin.

Using Google Play Codes

You can use Google Play balance to pay for upgrades on Clash Royale. Now you may think that you have to pay for Google Play balance, but that is not entirely true. Sure, you can pay for gift cards but there are tons of ways to earn Google gift card codes. Let’s have a look at some of them shall we?

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app made by Google for people to earn Google Play balance on the side. It is a great app that provides users with surveys so that when they complete them, they can earn the cash. We recommend it highly since it is an official method. All you have to do is download it from the Google Play Store and enter your demographic details. This will ensure that Google provides you with tailored surveys for you. The questions may vary from your taste in music videos to the videos you like watching on Youtube.

The rewards may vary from survey to survey and if you are living in major cities, you will get a ton of surveys. Don’t worry if you don’t live in a city because you can use our next suggestion to earn more along with this application.

Use this link to download Google Opinion Rewards.


SwagBucks is one of the most popular and trustworthy GPT ( Get Paid To ) website out there. It has a ton of free giftcards and these include Google Play gift card code. You can redeem this code to get Google Play Balance.

To get the free gift card codes, you have to earn SwagBucks points called SB and it is pretty easy to do so. All you have to do is enter a few surveys, shop online or watch a video to earn points. There is a referral system too and one of the most unique features of SwagBucks is that they provide a standalone search extension. You can use this search engine by Yahoo! and that’s all you have to do. Seriously. Just browsing on this would get you SB. But it’s also filled with advertisements so if that bothers you, we wouldn’t recommend this.

You can register with SwagBuscks with your Facebook account or your email address. Within an hour, you can make 2.500 or 5,000 SB which can be used to redeem $25 or $50 Google Play gift card codes. If you want to know more about Google Play codes and other websites you can use, just read our article Ways to Get Free Google Play Codes 2019 [Redeem Today].

The Organic Method

Sometimes, the best way to earn gems easily is the fair method. The grind will not only help you help you hone your skills but also give you a sense of satisfaction as you proceed through the game. The ways you can get these gems are:

  1. Daily Challenges
  2. Events
  3. Opening chests (Rare)
  4. Special Events
  5. Free Chests (Super rare)

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a great tool for android users who want to mod their mobile apps and games. When used along with BusyBox, this app is a powerful tool that can be used to get anything in most games. Luckily there are custom patches available for Clash Royale too. Let’s see how this works:

  1. Your Android phone needs to be rooted for this. Unfortunately, this method cannot be used with unrooted devices. Rooting an Android device will void your warranty so if you are worried about that, we recommend that you do not use this method.
  2. Download Lucky Patcher and install it on your phone.
  3. Before opening the application, go to the Google Play Store and install BusyBox by Stephen(Stericson).
  4. Run BusyBox and grant it root access. This wull install BusyBox on your on your device properly.
  5. Launch Lucky Patcher and grant it root access. Select Clash Royale from the list of installed apps. Note that the Play Store will tell you Lucky Patcher is harmful but pay no heed.
  6. Click create modified apk and just follow through. Launch the application and you can have your free gems.

Final Take

So that is it for Clash Royale free gems. In all honesty, the first method is the safest method to get them so we would recommend you stick with that. Hopefully you got your free stuff and you can play more competitively now. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please feel free to leave them at the comment section box down below and we will respond as soon as we can.

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