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If you are looking for a great place to watch your favorite animes or get into new ones, you might have considered Crunchyroll. It is a great service if you are a fan of anime. But like all things, it’s not exactly free. There is a free version for you to check out but that is a little limited. What if we told you we could provide you with a Crunchyroll premium account for free? Sounds good to be true dowsn’t it? It is 100% true and all you have to do is read this article.

We are going to take a good look at Crunchyroll and discuss what the premium account offers over the free version. We will also look at ways for you to get a working premium Crunchyroll account. Let’s get going.

What is Crunchyroll?

Basically Crunchyroll is a service that let’s you watch animes. It has a huge collection of various popular and upcoming shows. It doesn’t matter what genre of anime you are into, shounen or slice of life, you are bound to find something you are going to like. With over 45 million registered users and 2 million subscribers, Crunchyroll is extremely popular and rightfully so. If you are just getting into anime, this is one of the best places you can start. It’s got the classics like DragonBall Z, Naruto and the currently incredible Attack on Titan.

You can use Crunchyroll on most of your devices including your consoles and set-top boxes. They all so sell merchandises on their store and they also have events like Crunchyroll Expo and Anime Awards. You can also use Crunchyroll with VRV.

If you want to create an account with Crunchyroll, just click this link. It is extremely straightforward and all you have to do is fill in your email address, a username, a password, your date of birth and your gender. After that, hit Create account and you are done. You can now start enjoying new shows.

Free Account Vs Crunchyroll Premium Account

It’s awesome that Crunchyroll has a free version. You can watch a lot of anime for free. But the Premium version is much, MUCH better. For starters, the free version has ads and the Crunchyroll premium account does away with ads completely. Ads wouldn’t have been a big problem for those who are looking for free versions. But the fact is that a lot of popular and new shows are unavailable for the free version. Premium account will give you access to all the anime content in the website. As an extra, Crunchyroll Premium also lets you watch new episodes for your favorite shows as soon as they are aired. This is awesome because you will always be up to date on your anime. In the free version you will have to wait a week or more to watch the newest episode. This is why we recommend that you get Crunchyroll premium.

Methods to Get Crunchyroll Premium Account

Crunchyroll premium account costs $7.99 per month plus taxes. This may not seem like much but getting it for free will be a great help for people. There was a way to get it for free using Microsoft Rewards earlier but unfortunately, that offer has expired. If you want to check out Microsoft rewards and get some Amazon gift card codes, take a look at 20 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards in 2019. With that out of the way, let’s get started on the working methods for Crunchyroll Premium Account.

Method 1: Crunchyroll Premium 14 Day Trial

This is the official method to get the premium account for free albeit only for 14 days. Just follow these steps for the 14 day trial version.

  1. Visit the Crunchyroll website on your computer or the Crunchyroll app on your mobile devices.
  2. At the top part of the website, you will be able to find Premium (TRY FREE).
  3. Click on that and you will be taken to another page. Press the Continue button.
  4. In the next page you can enter your credit card details or you can pay with PayPal. Hit Start Free Trial an you’re set for 14 days.
  5. Cancel the membership before 14 days and set a reminder on your phone if you have to. Otherwise you can lose money.

Method 2: Free Usernames and Passwords

These are the free Crunchyroll premium accounts floating around on the internet. It gets used up pretty quick so don’t be discouraged if a few of them don’t work.

1. – Bamafan105
2. – 32bobjim14
3. – hitokiri
4. – mtndew1
5. – IMT@HMO
6. – BMX101962-
7. – pass1987
8. – NpawtV12
9. – m?BH7mDmQ
10. – 36WrTeP
11. – 23744584
12. – Cm19940608
13. – NcBv71960
14. – 5mH3h7id
15. – pAmCqUQt
16. – I1KFSnd
17. – niklas94
18. – 95239105
19. – chakra
20. -r-2UBn4
21. – Yollande
22. – pololo99-
23. – seay15
24. – upwd0304
25. – master12323
26. – ucantseeme
27. – aQAWa]YvY
28. – Q#HeU78

Final Take

That’s all anout the Crunchyroll Premium accounts. It’s definitely worth getting over the free version. Hopefully our methods have been helpful to you and you can now enjoy your favorite anime without any ads or interruptions.You can also check out newer genres and broaden your interests. It’s also great that you can enjoy anime as soon as they are aired. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section down below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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