Free Fortnite V Bucks Generator 2019 – Do they Work?

Fortnite is currently one of the most popular games amongst the younger crowds. Epic Games have crafted a free and fun multi-player game that has over 250 million players. If you are a new or an avid player, you are probably looking for free V bucks. In this article we are going to look at different ways how you can get your hands on free V bucks for Fortnite. We will also talk about Fortnite V bucks generator sites here.

Fortnite’s in game currency is super important since it can get you your awesome skins to your favourite dance moves. Although it isn’t an absolute requirement for enjoying Fortnite, it does improve your experience and gives access to seasonal battle passes.

Fortnite Free V Bucks Generator:

V Bucks Generators can be found all over the internet. Websites that generate free currency without you doing anything sounds awesome right? Well hold on. Although there are a ton of websites for other free codes, such sites for V bucks are rare. Most of these free v buck generators only make you complete random surveys. These surveys give them lots of revenue but they usually do not give anything in return. They exist to make money off of unsuspecting users and deliver on none of the promises. They can make you complete a survey for minutes and just give you a link to another fake website.

So keep in mind that if you run into any free generator website, turn the other way. Even if it is legitimate, the site would only generate random codes and the chances of them actually working are very low.

Methods to Get Free V Bucks

Free V bucks are extremely hard to get since they are very valuable. All the methods listed here require you to purchase Save the World pack which is currently on sale for $20. This would go against our “free” part of the headline but Fortnite has promised its players that this pack will be available for free in 2019. So keep a watch for that and just follow our instructions to get free V bucks. Also keep a look out for events.

1. Daily Login Rewards

This is a very nice way to earn V bucks and other rare to legendary items. You can also earn Llamas, People, evolution materials and XP boosts.Players can earn a total of 10,000 V bucks but the thing is it will take 336 days. You can earn the highest amount of V bucks on day 336 (1000 V bucks) which is followed by days 112 and 224 (800 V bucks). The cycle resets after day 336, as in you have to start all over again from 1 after day 336. Take note that the login streak would not reset if you miss days. It would simply start from the place you left it at.  However, Fortnite Battle royal does not feature the login rewards.

Along with V bucks, you can get tons of legendary keys on specific days. Days 21, 63, 81 and 100 would give you Legendary Hero Transform Key, Legendary Survivor Transform Key, Legendary Survivor Transform Key and Legendary Hero Transform Key respectively. Log in every day so that you can obtain all of your rewards faster.

2. Daily Quests

Daily Quests are nice ways to make 5-100 V bucks and 100 daily coins. You will be assigned your daily quests as soon as you log in for the first time that day. You can also replace your daily quest with another one if you want. However, this can only be done once. Daily quests are available for all levels of difficulty. The Daily quests are also available in battle royale mode but they do not reward you with V bucks

There are a lot of strategies that go with completing the daily quests as fast as possible. The opportunity to complete all the daily quests at once comes rarely. Your teammates can do the daily quests too. All you have to do is tell them to smash the TVs at the beginning of the mission. This may help you complete the daily destroy quests. Avoid forests as there are only a few items there that you can destroy.

3. Storm Shield Defense

Storm Shield Defence missions in the Main Questline rewards you with 100 V bucks and skill points. These come around every tenth mission. At the beginning, you can earn V bucks much faster and all you have to do is just advance the story. You and your teammates can also get Hero Experience and mini Llamas. In the global chat, there are many people who would gladly help you in your quests. The Main Questline is divided into four areas.

  1. Stonewood
  2. Plankerton
  3. Canny Valley
  4. Twine Peaks

Each area has 6 Storm Shield Defence missions and you can make 600 V bucks from each areas. You have to finish a predetermined number of quests to unlock the next area.

4. Timed Missions

Mini boss missions in timed missions can also grant you free V bucks. Completing a mini boss mission will give you 20-45 V bucks. However, you can only complete this mission once. This is because V bucks are first time bonus rewards and completing them multiple times won’t matter if you are looking for V bucks. The timed missions are marked on the map with a clock symbol and they rotate every 24 hours.

Playing your main questline will unlock more areas for you and with that, new missions too. Look out for mini boss alerts and you can make more free V bucks. Playing most timed missions will reward you with evolution materials, experience and so on.

5. Side Quests

Fortnite allows you to complete a ton of side quests. Just like timed missions, you have to keep progressing your main questline to unlock more side quests. Finding shielder data samples and finishing off Storm Shield Defenses level 1-10 after completing each area.

Some challenges can be quite repetitive but you can earn a total of 2600 free V bucks but you will eventually run out of side quests.

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Final Take

These are the official ways to get free currency in Fortnite. Once again, we reiterate, do not fall prey to any scam websites that claims to generate any kind of free stuff. That being said, hopefully this article has helped you out and you can buy your favourite skin for free. If you have any other doubts or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section down below and we will address them as soon as possible.

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