Free Amazon Gift Cards 2019 – Do Generator Works?

Amazon is a great place for a lot of different products. It’s is massive and you can find almost anything you want there. What if we tell you that you can make your next shopping experience sweeter? That’s right, you can use Amazon gift card codes to avail cashbacks or discounts on your favourite products and this article will give you ways of doing just that.

Amazon let’s you easily redeem gift card codes.Select whatever product you want and enter the code at the Select payment method page. That’s all you need to do to avail these offers. Keep in mind that if you cancel your order after applying the promotional code, the code will be returned to your account and you can use it again. Now, with that out of the way, we can discuss how to get these codes and what to stay away from.

Free Amazon Gift Card Generators

I know a lot of people end up searching “Online Amazon Gift Card Generators” or Working Amazon Code generators with no human verification. Well, If you are new to finding gift card codes on the internet, beware of these so called Free Amazon gift card generators. We would recommend staying away from them as they usually only exist to make money for the people creating them. They make tons of revenue on ads and also by selling the user surveys for a lot of cash. What is worse is that you can spend a lot of time on them and they still would not give you rewards.

Usually, after you complete these surveys, you will be given a link to websites that are also fake. Some Amazon Gift Card Code generators do exist but they just give out random codes without any sort of verification so that the probability of you getting a card like this is very small. These sites exist to make a fool out of the users and we would strongly recommend not using them.

So let me make it clear once again that there are no Generators and all so Called “amazon gift card generator no survey”, “Working amazon card generators apk” or “Amazon Gift Card Generator Apps” are all 100% FAKE.

So, how can one earn Free gift cards??

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Real Methods to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

There are some methods and sites that do offer Amazon Codes for free. But wait, it is not just given randomly. You have to perform some random tasks in order to win a gift card.

By following the methods below, you can win $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 Amazon Gift Cards for free.

1. SwagBucks

If you are looking for one of the most popular and trustworthy website for free Amazon gift card codes, SwagBucks is for you. Since it’s beginning in 2008, it has amassed a massive amount of users. You can either sign up with them using your e-mail ID or you can just use your Facebook account to do so. As an extra bonus, you get $10 if you sign up. The currency used here is called “SB Points” and there are a lot of ways to get it. Along with Amazon gift card codes, they also provide Steam codes, Google Play codes, Pay Pal balance etc.

There are a ton of ways to earn SB points that include surveys, sharing SwagBucks with your friends and completing promotional offers. Sharing it with your friends gives you an opportunity to earn faster. This is because you can be rewarded 10% of their savings. What’s even cooler is you can avail cash back whenever you purchase from Amazon or Walmart.

There are a ton of features unique to SwagBucks that can be used to earn more. They provide a standalone search engine powered by Yahoo!. We would ask you to refrain from giving it sensitive information but being paid for normal use sounds pretty great .If a more than usual amount of ads bother you, you might want to stay away from this one. You can download an extension for your browser to use this feature.

SwagBucks also lets you watch videos to get SB points. Just watch a featured video and that’s all you need to do. You can also exchange unused electronic items with them to earn some SB points. Use this link to get to SwagBucks.

2. PrizeRebel

Another website very similar to SwagBucks, PrizeRebel has been around since 2007. In this time period, it made over 7 million loyal users. You can enter surveys, download applications and taking your feedbacks. They provide Amazon gift cards from $2 to $100. A very good feature about this website is it’s amazing support for its users.

They will ask you to join with your email at first to track your earnings. Joining with Facebook is also viable . You can redeem your points for Steam wallet cash, Google Play codes and PayPal cash too too. You can visit your site here and start earning.

They don’t only provide Amazon gift cards. You can actually choose from a 100 different brands to even gaming brands like XBox. Visit here:

3. Gift Wallet- Free Gift Card

Gift Wallet is a very popular application on the Google Play Store with over 5 million downloads. The app is very simple to use and you can start earning as soon as you sign up.You can complete surveys, but the main form of earning is by downloading applications. You can start earning and save up enough points for $3, $5 and $10 Amazon gift cards. Along with this, you can also earn Google Play gift card codes, PayPal cash, iTune codes and much more. Steam codes up to a $100 are only available but only in the United States and Germany.

This app provides all the normal features like offer walls. But it’s most lucrative way is by reffering it to your friends. If you share it with your friends and they start earning, you get 30% of their earnings and if they share it with their friends, you also get rewards. You can download this app here.

4. Amazon Promotions to Get Gift Card Codes

This method comes from the giant Amazon itself. With a massive user base and impressive sales, they occasionally give promotional offers for it’s users. Subscribing to Amazon’s promotional emails would keep you up to date on these offers. The way Amazon gives out money is by giving out gift certificates for a purchase you have made. These gift cards will be effectively reducing the price on your purchase and can be used to get products at a discount.

Keep checking these emails frequently. You can check any ongoing promotions in your email.

5. Ibotta

Ibotta is an app that can be used to make purchases. This is available on iOS and Android and is very simple to use. Every time you make a purchase with this app on Amazon, you will be awarded a cashback. This way you can effectively get a discount for the things you buy. Ibotta is extremely popular and has saved a total of over $500 million for its users

It now works with 30 retailers that includes Amazon so be sure to check it out.

6. Working Amazon Gift Card Codes 2019

You can find Amazon gift card codes on various websites. We have listed 10 of them. Keep in mind that people might have already claimed the code and that’s why every one of these will not work. But do try your luck.

  1. 5LQ7-PW8ANM-LDV9Z
  2. G5KU-JFJ67T-88XV4
  3.  WCNM-4WN5S3-9WAN7
  4. T96D-49V6JA-7662U
  5. R6K6-SBV5S5-D3J84
  6. B9CP-DN3JBM-B7NL5
  9. 2RTT-47SMW9-G5PQ8
  10. 23E5-EKLCB6-TWGBL

7. Insta GC

With “Digital gift cards received instantly” as it’s mission statement, InstaGC  is very popular with people who are looking for free gift cards. This website lets you redeem your points for Amazon gift cards and they give you a ton of ways to earn these points. These ways include completing surveys, watching videos and going online shopping. InstaGC claims that it has over 1,219,000 redeemed cards and the cool part about InstaGC is that you can send your giftcards to your friends.You can earn 110 points by referring this to your friends and getting them to sign in. The rewards are even available for listening to featured music or even visiting specific websites.

For every 100 points, it gives you $1 and you can save up to redeem Amazon gift card codes worth $150. There are a massive amount of brands you can choose to redeem your points. So don’t wait, you can log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google or your email address here:

8. Personal Capital

This is an app that lets you track your finances. It is a great tool that helps you calculate everything related to your money, including your early retirement trajectory. It is available on all the major platform.

So what does an app like this have to do with getting Amazon gift cards? Well, when you log in to it for the first time, you will be given a whopping $20 Amazon gift card. This is even more sweeter when you consider that you can sign up for free.

9. MyPoints

MyPoints is a website that is just as similar as all the other websites mentioned here. It is also just as reliable. You can earn a ton of points by downloading applications, playing games, viewing videos and even shopping with their featured stores.

Stacking up your points gives you free Amazon gift cards. Users can also redeem it for lots of other stores such as Walmart. You can sign up with an email ID and a password for free and what’s cool about this website is that it gives you $10 worth of Amazon gift card or $10 Visa card just by signing up. You can visit the site :

10. Amazon Trade-In to Get Gift Card Codes

Amazon trade-in program let’s you exchange old and unused electronic items for gift cards. Unlike other companies, Amazon takes care of your shipping costs as well. This is a really cool deal since you can be assured that whatever happens, you will not lose a single penny. You can exchange media along with any electronics. They will be looking for unused phones, laptops, movies, games etc.

They will give you gift cards, which you can use to redeem on Amazon itself for various offers. You can check these offers and other terms and conditions here.

11.Survey Junkie

This is another website that let’s you complete surveys. You can enter your profile and the website will automatically give you a list of surveys that will be suited for your demographic.

You can use your Google account or Facebook to login or just create its own account for free. This is one of the most trusted sites out there and you can make a few bucks with it. They give out free Amazon gift cards when you redeem the points. It also gives out Paypal cash and other gift-cards.

You can visit the website using this link.

12. Microsoft Rewards

This is a way to earn points to redeem Amazon gift card codes provided by Microsoft. This provides points for a lot of things. You can just search on Bing by logging into your Microsoft account and earn 5 points. Using Bing along with Microsoft edge would give you a chance to earn extra points. Shopping from Microsoft also grants you points. In this case every dollar you spend would earn you one point.

Moreover, you can also use daily offers, weekly quizzes and daily quizzes. Keep in mind that there is a limit to how much you can earn. As long as you keep it within this limit, You shpould be fine. This is done so that people don’t try to game the system.


13. RecycleBank

This entry is different from every other entry on this list. Instead of making you submit a survey or download applications or watching videos, it awards you points for every time you recycle. Not just that, but you can also read articles on how to help Mother nature and be rewarded for it. This is a great incentive for people who are getting into recycling.

The points you get are used to redeem codes including Amazon gift card codes. You can check out their website here.

14. Amazon Mechanical Turk to Get Gift Card Codes

This is another way to earn some cash provided by Microsoft itself. Basically what it does is conduct survey and other things that a computer is not good at completing. This is done so that companies can reduce cost. completing these surveys will transfer money straight to you Amazon Pay account and can even be transferred to your bank account.

Some of these surveys also give out Amazon gift cards and you can join here.

15. Opinion Outpost

Unlike most of the entries here, Opinion Outpost only gives out surveys.

These surveys can be interesting and you can join them here.

16. LifePoints

Mysurvey is one of the oldest websites available for submitting surveys. Hence it only let’s you fill out surveys. But recently they have launched a mobile application and you can use that to submit surveys too. You can redeem the points earned through this website to get Amazon gift card codes. Now they are known as LifePoints You can join them here.

17. iPoll

iPoll is another application that takes your opinions on products and rewards you with free gift cards, including the Amazon ones. They also give away $100,000 to a lucky lottery winner every quarter. Join today and earn $5.

You can visit the website here and start earning.

18. Survey Spot

SurveySpot is just similar to LifePoints in almost every way. But one advantage it has over LifePoints is that it gives out significantly higher rewards for completing out their surveys. You can Amazon gift cards after filling out surveys. But one thing you have to remember at the start, you have to trade in something for the gift cards. You can use the link here to visit their website.

19. Cardpool

Cardpool is a website which technically doesn’t let you have Amazon gift card codes for free. But what it does is let you exchange an unused gift card for it. You can check their website out here.

20. Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars is a website that lets you earn cash, not points. You can earn from $0.50- $20 based on the type of survey. You can also do other things, such as play games, watch videos and even to read e-mails.

It also lets you shop online and once you’ve spent $20 dollars, you will be given an Amazon gift card that’s worth $10.

You can visit the website with this link and earn $5 on signup.

Final Take

These are all the different methods you can use to get free Amazon gift cards. Hopefully, they have worked out for you and you can enjoy shopping now without spending a ton of money. We would recommend trying out multiple websites so that you can earn more. If you have any doubts or suggestions that we might have missed, please leave it in the comment section down below.

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