Free Google Play Codes 2019 [Redeem Today]

Are you one of those people looking for Free Google Play Codes? I bet you are. In fact, you might even be searching for working Google Play Code Generator. Well, in this case, you are on the best page. This article is a complete guide on How to get Google Play Codes for Free. Not only this, we also explain the truth behind 100% Working Google Play Code Generators that claims to have no survey or a human verification survey.

Before I get into this article, let me explain a bit about these Google Play Gift Card Codes.

What are Free Google Play Gift Card Codes?

Android is without a doubt the most used mobile platform in the world. So it stands to reason that the Google Play store will have a staggeringly large amount of apps that can be downloaded at any time. All though most of the apps are free, you can run in to a lot of them that cost some cash. Moreover there are free apps that give you premium features after you purchase it from them. These features can be anything from removing ads to something that will make your app a 100 times better. And to be honest, most of these applications and their developers deserve the money for all the hard work they have put you through. But what if you can’t afford these apps? Free Google Play codes is the answer!

Free Google play codes will let you get any app on the Play store for free. You can even use it to make in-app purchases. Paid apps like Nova prime and other games are great candidates for this. Redeeming these codes will give you more Google Play balance and that is how you can purchase these apps. You can redeem them by just clicking on an app that you want. When you’re at the payment portal, you will be able to choose Google Play balance for checkout.

Google Play Gift Card Generator

If you’ve ever looked for Google Play gift cards online, you might have probably run into a Google Play gift card generator at some point. These free random Google Play Code generators claim that they can generate new cards and gift them to you for completing surveys. We would advise you to stay away from these sites because… well they are fake.

These sites prey on people who are not aware of these fake generators. If you take part in them, you would be able to enter and they would ask you to enter a survey. After you complete the survey, instead of getting rewarded you would probably get redirected to another fake website or another survey.

Unfortunately even if you go at these different surveys for 10-15 minutes, you would be given nothing at the end. These Google Play gift card generators make money from their user surveys. They would get a ton of traffic and ad revenue along with it and even though the user is promised a little reward at the end, these promises hold no stock. I would not recommend not trying out any of these so called generators and you should probably stay away from them.


Wondering, how to get free codes if these sites are fake? Well, we have methods in the next section.

How to Get Free Google Play Codes?

There are a ton of methods you can try to legitimately get more Google Play balance. We have listed the best of them so that you can try them out.

These methods are tested and will surely give you free Google Play Codes or Balance that can be used directly on the Play store.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

This is a great way to get some Google Play codes simply because it is provided by Google itself. The way it functions is that Google needs a ton of user survey and this app gives the user (ie; you) something back.

All you have to do is download the app on your phone. The link to do so is given here . After you install it, you have to select which demographic you belong to. You will get notifications whenever a survey comes up and you can earn up to $1 after completing the survey. You can use it to buy an app or save it for future use.

2. GplayReward

This is another legal website that gives out Google Play gift cards. On their site, it’s written “Earn free Google Play codes and gift cards on GPlayReward by completing simple tasks and downloading apps.” and their mission statement rings true. They offer a ton of ways to get points that you can redeem to get gift cards.

When you visit it for the first time, you will be asked to enter your email address and a few basic information. This is to track your earnings. After that, you can complete various tasks and downloads to earn points. 1000 points would give you a $10 gift card. You can visit the website here.

3. PrizeRebel

This website works just like GplayRewards except that the rewards are a little bit different. You have to sign up for free and start earning points.

This site let’s you take part in surveys and watch videos to earn points. Once you have earned enough points, you can use it to redeem it for PayPal or get gift cards from a hundreds of brands and that includes Google Play gift cards.

4. AppNana – Free Gift Cards

With over 10,000,000 downloads on the Play Store, It is safe to say that AppNana is popular. This app lets you earn rewards by downloading apps. You can also earn 400 points called Nanas daily just by logging into the app everyday or inviting your friends. Note that you have to open the apps after installing them. You will also be asked to give them your e-mail ID to keep track of your rewards.

AppNana claims that it’s members have earned over $10 million in games and gift cards. Give it a try to get some Google Play gift cards and redeeming those free Google Play codes. It is rated 4.5 on Play Store and can be downloaded here.

5. InstaGC

This is a website that also let’s you redeem your points for gift cards. “Digital gift cards received instantly” is their mission statement and they give you a ton of ways to earn these points. These ways include completing surveys, watching videos and going online shopping. You can earn 110 points by referring this to your friends and getting them to sign in. They also give out bonus offers by rewarding you for listening to music, trying featured products or visiting specific websites.

It gives you $1 for 100 points and since the Google play gift cards have a value of  $10, $15 and $25, you will need get 1000, 1500 and 2500 points.

6. Through Your Devices

If you have a Google device like the pixel phones, you can get free Google Play codes with them. These codes are also available on Samsung devices now and you can earn upto $25 worth of gift cards. Sweet!

7. Free Google Play Codes 2019

Looking for a list of Free Google Play Codes no human verification? Well, Here are some Working Google Play Codes and Gift Cards of 2019.

  3. 867N-KSVD-7KGD-5S37-YF3J
  4. 3YSV-35D-RPX6-ATP5-MLA
  5. 7P8V-M6KS-XJQJ-7ZJT-7FJ
  6. 7P8V-MKLA-V5NM-T3V7-KNJ
  7. L5WD-M99B-C7AM-FE7Q-N2
  12. L5WD-K4U8-F4B2-XEJ5-PA
  13. 7P8V-MR3J-75FF-LP9W-7RJ
  14. L5WD-MWFX-8Y5E-DM24-K2
  16. 7P8V-MEP8-5CZ9-KRAD-4N2
  17. L5WD-LQ2Z-KKUA-M69S-2J
  18. 7P8V-N99F-Z3QV-S8FV-KXS
  19. 7P8V-M3GM-77LC-WS63-ELA
  20. 7P8V-MGTV-AU6Q-XKS4-7AJ
  23. V88M-W4VJ-5MDV-9WBF-NBGH
  26. EBYX-J3CW-SH8P-78SZ-573Y
  27. 79M3-F3Q3-BMRQ-4F3F-WFA8
  28. UDK5-7FG6-HHBF-6DY6-CZ3A
  29. 39B4-NTDS-3CBL-GHZU-86EC
  30. MPXV-2YJ2-MRGJ-RMT8-726Z
  31. R2PU-FZX2-DM36-VC69-F8AA
  32. 74NN-NJ4F-LPFT-WS5H-S7CC

These are 32 latest free Google Gift Cards we managed to find off of the internet. You can try these to redeem them. Do note that some of these may be unavailable because they’ve already been nabbed by someone else.

8. Gift Wallet- Free Reward Card

This is another popular Play Store app that has over 5 million downloads. This is a simple application that gifts you free Google Play codes and even PayPal cash.

What’s nice about this is you can earn a lot more points through your friends. Like most apps, you can get points through referrals but you can also get 30% of your friend’s earnings when they get 5 points or more.

If you are in USA, UK or Germany, you can get stem wallet and earn rewards for those too. You can download this app here.

9. Whaff Rewards

This is another app that is just like every app given here on the surface. But the cool thing about them is that they offer Etherium and Bitcoins too. You have to login through your Facebook account and install apps to win points. You can keep them for long and use them to earn more.

With these points, you can also earn free Google Play codes. This app has a rating of 4.4 with over 10 million downloads and can be downloaded here.

10. Get Play Store Codes from Chromecast

If you have a Chromecast, it is likely that you won a free Google Play gift card with it. You can win up to $25 worth of gift cards this way. All you have to do is register your device as mentioned on the box.

11. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most reputed site which offers freebies whenever you complete an action. It may take some time for you to earn a handsome figure but this site is still worth giving a try. You just have to join the site and complete the given tasks in-order to win prizes like Free PSN Codes, Free Google Play Codes or even free cash that can be withdrawn from Paypal.

Final Take

So there we go. These are the 11 best ways you can freely and legally earn free Google Play codes. Now you don’t have to think twice before buying anything on Google’s massive app store. If you have any queries or any other suggestions that have been proven to work, please let me know in the comment section down below.

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