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Online streaming services is (in my humble opinion, ofcourse) one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. The ability to watch your favorite shows whenever you want, anywhere you want would sound like a sci-fi invention to someone even 20 years ago. Now there are a ton of players and Hulu is one of the most popular. Hulu provides great movies and up to date TV shows. Hulu cost $7.99 with ads and $11.99 without them. But we are here to tell you that you can get a free Hulu account. Don’t believe us? Read on!

We are going to look at various methods you can use to get free Hulu account. But first, we will debunk a few myths when it comes to Hulu account generators.

Free Hulu Account Generators

There are a lot of websites on the Internet that claim that they will provide or generate free Hulu accounts. All you will need to do is complete a few surveys and click the link at the end. Unfortunately these claims are usually false and you should definitely stay away from them.

These sites only exist to make money for their creators. Surveys and advertisements make them a lot of money and you never get anything in return. You can only fill out surveys and they would only send you a link to a fake website or a new survey, keeping you trapped in a loop. This is a complete waste of time.

So again, we would strongly recommend that you do not click on such websites.

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Methods For Free Hulu Accounts

These methods have been tested many times and have been reported to successfully give people free Hulu accounts. These methods are not really in any specific order so feel free to try out whatever feels more convinient for you. Let’s begin.

Method 1 : Using Edit This Cookie Extension

This method uses an extension to give you a free Hulu Plus Account. It is a long procedure but its actually easy to follow and you shouldn’t have any problems.

  1. Open up your  browser. I am going to use Chrome for this example but you can use any browser and method will be very similar.
  2. Select More Tools from the menu on the top right corner.
  3. Now, choose Extensions.
  4. Open the menu on the top left corner of the extensions page and at the bottom of the menu, you can find the option to Open Chrome Web Store.
  5. In the store, type in Edit this cookie in the search bar and add the extension.
  6. After adding the extension, visit
  7. You will find a huge search bar under Search cookies below. Type in Hulu.
  8. There will be a lot of results displayed below the search bar. Select the one you like and then make sure to close all the pop up ads.
  9. After that you will get a page with a lot of codes. Copy the entire thing.
  10. Visit the Hulu website.
  11. Click on the cookie extension which should be present on the top right corner and select the import tab (usually the fourth tab from the right).
  12. Paste the code you copied earlier and import it.
  13. Wait a little bit while the page loads and you should have a free Hulu account.

Method 2: Enabling 30 Day Free Trial

This is the method that should be familiar to everyone. Every streaming service first lets you experience everything they have to offer for free for 30 days. However, you can cancel the subscription before the trial ends to make sure that you don’t lose any money. Just follow these methods to start.

  1. Fire up your browser and visit the Hulu website.
  2. Here, you can find the option to start your free trial. Click on it.
  3. You will now be presented with three plans to choose from. Select the plan Hulu(No ads).
  4. You will be prompted to create an account. Fill in the details.
  5. Give them your credit card information and there you go, you have Hulu free for a month.
  6. Just cancel the subscription before 30 days and no oney will be taken from your account. You can also unlink your credit card  from your account.

Method 3: Enabling 30 Day Free Trial Without Credit card

Now if you have already tried method 2 or if you don’t have a credit card, we still have you covered. Hulu supports other payment methods too.

  1. Open your browser and visit the Hulu website.
  2. Click on the option Start your free trial.
  3. Select the Hulu (No ads) plan.
  4. Create a new account (make sure it is not the same as the one in method 2).
  5. Select Express Options to sent the payment method to PayPal.
  6. Once that is setup, you can get a free Hulu account for 30 days.
  7. Cancel the subscription before the trial ends and you can also unlink the PayPal account.

Method 4: Free Hulu Accounts

For any kind of suscription, you can find working free accounts on the internet. I have listed a few of these but do keep in mind these maybe outdated when you try them.

  1. : reggie10
  2. : 01253333
  3. : rebel1125
  4. : 7342batt
  5. : shootsmall11
  6. : qwerty23698
  7. : netload225
  8. : chon0730
  9. : Cama5372/
  10. : ro2aflix
  11. : ranas007
  12. : loyalty77
  13. : lotuskoi711
  14. : tracey01
  15. : seilwell2

Method 5: Using

This is a website that has reportedly provided a lot of free usernames and passwords. You can use these to get a free Hulu account. Just follow the steps listed down below.

  1. Visit and register your email address. Alternatively, you can also use a fake emil address.
  2. Login to the forum and find Leaks.
  3. Scroll down and click on MOVIE WATCHING SITE DUMPS.
  4. Among the list of dumps, you will find movie dumps related to Hulu.
  5. When you click on a result, a context box will appear when you type or post something. In this case, select Anything.
  6. From the results, go to page 1 and you will be able to find tons of accounts and their passwords. Do note that these accounts may be already taken but keep trying your luck.

Final Take

These are the various methods you can use for free Hulu accounts. As you can see they are very simple and should take minimal effort. You can now watch your favourite content. If you  have any doubts or suggestions, please use the comments section and we will clear it up as soon as possible.

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