Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords 2019

Netflix, a site that every one of us is well aware of. Maybe, some of us are either rich enough to buy and subscription and others are smart enough to crack it. Netflix is indeed the most watched entertainment site. It was founded on August 29,1997, by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings.

Introduction to Netflix

It is more like Video On Demand platform. You can watch all the movies, serials, series, etc. comfortably at any time and from anywhere. In case you have to be at a place where you would not have internet access then Netflix provides a solution to that too. You can download the videos and can watch it later. Netflix offers an account that gives you immense features and as known to get something you have to pay something. Coming straight to the main point, you have to buy the subscription. Apart from buying the subscription, you can also get the Free Netflix Account using a few ticks and tactics which is our point of discussion for this article.

Free Netflix Account Features

• Offer four screens that mean four different users at four different places can watch the Netflix videos simultaneously. The account starts with a single screen and goes to supporting a maximum of four screens.
• Supports videos of 4k that mean videos in Ultra HD Quality. That means you can enjoy Netflix videos with your family on your Smart TV.
• It allows you to download videos and watch them later without Internet Connection.
• You can also share the account with your friends and family. But make sure that they do not change the password. You can share the account without sharing the password and that is done by either Netflix Cookies Method or Share URL.

Methods to Get Free Netflix Accounts

Using Username and Password

This method gives you a username and password to Free Netflix Account. Login with these usernames and password to free Netflix account.

S. No. Email ID Password
1. springwbear1
2. 1maccan1
3. thet1i2t3a4n
4. netflixpass
5. 1564565
6. 051201
7. jm2719
8. 008249
9. interview0929
10. cdefgahc
11. qwerty7
12. asser89
13. slider66
14. 0o0o6565
15. jsdaw1979
16. benjamin03
17. 5457
18. 1234
19. 8156
20. 9163
21. 7894
22. 9653
23. 1345
24. 9011
25. Come Back at 10 PM
26. Come Back at 10 PM
27. Come Back at 10 PM
28. Come Back at 10 PM
29. Come Back at 10 PM
32. 17737271888
33. 123456
34. substation232
35. cdefgahc
36. danbrown2
37. gatewaysTc
38. MeOnly$1
39. sohie benjamin03
40. jm2719
41. diecast8
42. artshart
43. justin14
44. Annika1
45. iloveelvis
46. howaboutthat
47. packer31
48. 2greatkids
49. keegan6159
50. gangsta101

Trail Account

Netflix offers you an additional 30 days’ free trial account. Below are steps to obtain a free Netflix account.

Step 1: You need to have an email id in order to get a Netflix account. So either you make one or use an already existing account.

Step 2: Every time you sign up for a trial account you must have new credit card details.

Step 3: Go to Netflix official site and sign up using your mail id and new card details for the monthly trail.

Step 4: Do not forget to cancel the account otherwise you will be charged as per your free trail chosen plan. And to delete the account, tap on your account name then select Cancel Streaming Plan or Cancel DVD Plan and few more prompts and your cancellation gets confirmed.

Step 5: You can get another free trial for another month using the above-listed steps.

Step 6: Another way to cancel your Trial Membership is to click on profile image and select “Your Account” from the drop-down. Click on “Cancel Membership” under “Membership and Billing”.

Sharing Free Netflix Account

This method allows you to share your Free Netflix account with your friends and family. Here are the steps to do the same.

Step 1: You can create a maximum of 5 profiles on a single Netflix Account. But yes remember that not more 2 profiles can stream simultaneously.

Step 2: This method is legal and does not cost you.

Step 3: many of us are using this method and there is no error until you stream not more than two profiles simultaneously.

Netflix Cookies

This is one among the easiest method and all you need to do is log in with Netflix cookie. You must be thinking that from where you will get these cookies, so these cookies are present in your browser. You will have to manipulate the cookie and you will log into Free Netflix Account. Follow the below steps to get your account.

Step 1: Visit your browser.

Step 2: Visit the below-provided link and install Edit this cookie extension.

Step 3: Close the browser and open it again.

Step 4: Open the official Netflix site.

Step 5: Click on the cookie icon and go to the import option. GET COOKIES FROM HERE

Step 6: Copy the cookie code and paste it in the import box. Mark the tick button. You can get the cookie codes from my previous article.

Step 7: Refresh the page and you would be logged into Free Netflix Account.

Step 8: Do not log out otherwise this method will not work.

Airtel Plan

This method gives you twin benefits. You recharge with Postpaid/ prepaid plans priced Rs. 499 and above and enjoy a free Netflix account. This method gives you 3-month free access to Rs. 500 Netflix Plan. This gives you a single screen and SD quality videos. The below-mentioned steps give you your own Netflix account.

Step 1: To avail of this offer, make sure that you have downloaded and updated the My Airtel app(July).

Step 2: when you open the app you will find Enjoy Netflix for 3 months for Free and check the same in your Airtel TV app. Click on the Claim Now option.

Using Virtual Cards

To enjoy the unlimited free trails, you need to have those many credit/ debit cards. But we do not have those. So this method generates as many debit cards as you want. For this, you must have these two applications. First is Netflix and another is tmw-Wallet. TMW can create unlimited virtual debit cards that too for free of cost.

The Bottom Line

Netflix is everyone’s favorite. Everyone wants to have a free Netflix account. So we tend to use the methods claiming that they are free of cast and works well. But let me tell you that the probability of their working is very minimal. And usually, these methods are fake. They tend to get your data and earn. Therefore, it is highly advisable to avoid using doubtful methods and stick around the legal and official subscriptions.

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