How to Delete Chegg Account [4 Easy Ways]

Chegg has been a great help to students. With tons of services that aims to make studies easier for students, Chegg is one of the best online tutoring platforms. It has tons of students accessing and subscribing to it every year. But what if you want to delete your Chegg account? We have done a our fair share of research and this article will tell you how to delete Chegg account.

We will be looking at the main method of deleting Chegg account. You can also look at the requirements for deleting your account permanently and also look at some alternatives. Let’s start with the main section.

How to Delete Chegg Account

If you want to know how to delete Chegg account, there is only one way really to really do it. Well technically speaking, YOU can’t do it. It has to be deleted by Chegg themselves. All you can do is request them and they will grant it. Just make sure that you don’t have any open transactions like book rentals, refunds or returns. Follow these procedures if you really want to cancel the account. If you are on the fence on this just skip this section and look at the next one.

  1. You can visit this link and click on the chat or call icons to contact the Chegg support.
  2. You will have to fill a form if you press the chat icon.
  3. Alternatively, you can just contact them at 1-855-868-1053.

Other Methods to Disable/Cancel Chegg Account

If the above method doesn’t help, here are some other ways to cancel your Chegg account.

Pausing and Resuming Chegg Study Subscription

If you are not sure if you want to delete your Chegg Account, you can always keep the subscription paused. This is a nice alternative to completely cancelling your subscription or account since you won’t have to go through the process of signing up again if you change your  mind. Since your account was never deleted, all your saved solutions and bookmarks will still remain. You won’t be charged when the subscription is paused and your subscription price will be locked. This means that even if the price of the subscription increases, you don’t have to pay extra. Note that pausing only works for monthly subscribers. Just follow these steps to pause your Chegg subscription.

  1. Fire up your preferred browser on a desktop computer. Unfortunately, these steps will not work with mobile devices.
  2. Visit and sign in to your account. Go to My Accounts.
  3. Click on Chegg Study. You can find it under Subscriptions. Then click on Pause Subscription.
  4. Choose the duration you want to pause the subscription for and it can be anywhere from one to six months.
  5. Click on Pause subscription.

If you subscribe to Chegg via Play Store or iTunes however, you can’t get it paused this way. You have to do it through the platform you are subscribed through.

To resume the subscription, all you have to do is wait for the paused duration to end and it will automatically resume. You can manually resume it from the orders page too but there will be a pro-rated amount until the next billing cycle. Just click on Resume subscription in your Orders page.

Cancelling Chegg Study Subscription

Let’s say you just want to cancel the Chegg subscription. We would certainly recommend pausing the subscription since it has a lot of advantages over cancelling it outright, but you do you. But Instead of completely deleting you account, you can just follow these steps.

  1. Fire up your browser on a computer. Unfortunately, these steps will only work on Computers.
  2. Visit and sign in to your account. Go to My Accounts.
  3. Click on Chegg Study. You can find it under Subscriptions. Then click on Cancel Subscription.
  4. In the next page, they will ask you the reasons for why you want to cancel the subscription. Complete that and your subscription will be cancelled. You can keep using that resource until the billing cycle ends.

Cancelling Tutoring Subscription

If you want to know for ways of cancelling your tutoring subscription, you can just use these steps instead of completely having your account deleted. After following these instructions, you will convert your tutoring subscription to Pay-as-you-go. You will only be charged for the minutes you use this service.

  1. Log in to your Chegg Account from a browser. It has to be from a computer.
  2. Under Accounts, click on Orders.
  3. You can find Subscriptions. Under that, you can find Chegg Tutors. Click on Edit plan.
  4. From the next page select PAY-AS-YOU-GO and click on save changes. Your subscription will promptly be cancelled. You can use this in the future but you would only need to pay as much as you use and not on a plan basis.

If you are wondering what will happen to your unused tutoring minutes, don’t worry we have you covered. You can always request for these minutes to be credited back.

  1. Use this link to start the request.
  2. Select Billing Question under Subjects and specify whether you want them credited as tutoring minutes or directly into your payment method under Message.
  3. They will send you an  email after the balance is credited.

Final Take

Requesting them is the only real way to delete the account. You can also use the alternative methods if they meet your needs. Make sure you go through the entire article and also understand the requirements. Hopefully we have been great help to you. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

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