How to Delete Netflix Account [Easy Way]

It is no news to anyone that Netflix has become a part of the day to day lives of most people. With an impressive collection of movies in it’s library and its own studio, it’s no wonder they are approaching 150 million users. But if you are a part of this user base and are looking to discontinue Netflix services, we can guide you. This list will tell you how to delete Netflix account along with how to put it on hold if that is what you are looking for.

There can be many reasons for why you want to delete/deactivate your Netflix account. If you think you don’t find it’s library interesting enough according to your tastes and you want to save some money, you probably should delete it. If you think that you are going to be busy for at most 90 days and you won’t be able to binge on your favourite Netflix series, then putting it hold would be the best option.

What Would Happen If you delete your Netflix Account?

Well for starters, you will not be able to watch any more of their services. Well that is obvious, but not much happens after that. Netflix however, will retain non identifying data in case of any fraud and accounting purposes. You can read their Terms of Use here.

This includes device identifier, and hashes of your payment details and an email address associated with the account. Hashing means that Netflix can match your method of payment (or email) if it is reintroduced to our systems. However, they cannot use the information to contact you or charge your method of payment.

How to Delete Your Netflix Account

Well to be honest, there are only two ways to permanently delete your Netflix account. But we shall also tell you how to remove a user associated with your account and how to put your account on hold. Just follow the guidelines listed below.

How to Remove Inactive Users

Netflix let’s up to five people create a profile under a single account. This is to personalise user experience for the specific viewer. This is what helps the Netflix suggestion engine to choose different movies for different people in the house. But what if you don’t need a user? What if you need to add a new one but the spots are all taken? Do not worry. Netflix lets you easily remove a profile and we will let you know exactly how to do it. Remember that you cannot delete the main profile.

  1. Visit the Netflix Website here on a browser. Note that you cannot delete a Netflix profile from the Netflix app.
  2. Log in to your account and click on the Account option.
  3. Under My Profile, you can find Manage Profiles.
  4. Click on the edit profile icon and press the delete button.
  5. This will delete all of the preferences that were linked to that profile.

How to Put Your Account on hold

Putting your account on hold is going to temporarily disable the Netflix services and you won’t have to pay a penny when its is disabled. This is great if you are going on a long vacation and you don’t have to use Netflix for a while. The account can be put on hold from anywhere between seven and ninety days. All you have to do is:

  1. Log in to your Netflix account on a browser.
  2. At the bottom of your screen you can find Help Center.
  3. Select Start a Live Chat.
  4. You can tell the customer support that you have to put your account on hold and they will inform you after they have processed the request.

How to Permanently Delete Your Netflix Account

There are two ways you can delete your account. One is waiting. If you cancel your Netflix subscription and don’t renew it for 10 months, Netflix will automatically detect that you are an inactive user and then delete your account. Just open the Accounts page and click on Cancel Membership. You can find it under Membership & Billing. Then press Finish Cancellation.

If you do not want to  wait, there is a way to get it deleted sooner. Just follow these steps to do so.

  1. Visit the Netflix Website on a browser.
  2. Log in to your account and open the accounts page.
  3. Under Membership & Billing, you can find Cancel Membership. Click on that.
  4. Next, compose an email to The subject should be Delete my account.
  5. Netflix will contact you after the cancellation is done.

Please note that once you request for a cancellation, your account will only be cancelled after the current billing period. So you wouldn’t be refunded for your current subscription. Also, if you are using iTunes or Google Play to pay your subscriptions, you are going to have to contact them to cancel your subscription. Your request to cancel your subscription can only be processed after that.

Final Take

So that is all there is to it. At the time of this writing, these are the only methods at your disposal to use. Make sure that you really want to delete the account permanently before going through with this. Hopefully, you found this article to be informatative and helpful. Please tell us in the comments section down below if you have any doubts or any other working suggestions or tips.

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