Can we Get Spotify Premium Account for Free?

If you are a music lover and your day does not end without listening to music, then you are in the right place. This article brings you Spotify which is the best online site in the world of music. Music is indeed an important part of life. It changes and refreshes your mood.

What actually is a Premium Spotify Account?

Spotify is one among those websites available over the internet for listening to songs.It offers two kinds of accounts. One is the usual free account whereas the other is Spotify Premium Account. Let’s not waste our time and directly come to our main point of discussion as to how can we get a Spotify Premium Account. I hope you all are clear about what is a free account and what is premium account and understand the difference between them.

If not, then a Free account does not cost you even a penny and services are limited whereas Premium Account cost you and offers many services in return such as access and download millions of songs, music, and podcasts all for free.

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Features of Spotify Premium Account

  • It offers a high speed of 320kbits/s compared to that of a free account which offers 160bits/sec.
  • It has no advertisements.
  • No time restriction for music and videos.
  • Can sync your songs on different devices.
  • It has improved audio quality and also allows a user to download and listen offline that too in high quality.
  • You can have unlimited skip feature and can download any type of song.
  • It also supports multiple radios for free.
  • In today’s world where you have to manage so many expenses, managing one more would be difficult that too on a music site. So this article helps you to get free Spotify Premium Account.

How to get free Spotify Premium Account

Yes, there are many legal and working ways to get Free Spotify Accounts. You just need to follow some steps. Following are some of the best ways to get a Spotify Account for free.

1. Spotify Premium Accounts Username and Password List

This is the easiest way to generate a Spotify Premium Account for free. It does not require you to pay the subscription money. All you need to do is open the official page of Spotify and login with any of the username and password. But do not act mean and cruel by changing the password.

S. No. Email ID Password
1. selena87
2. kedar1#
3. kedar
4. kedar1##
5. techwebsites1
6. tw402nanot98
7. neiangelg
8. tragiced32
9. locker66
10. 27068255
11. kcNPoEKBS3vnX9T2
12. xx123123
13. 8f3jVlS6rVeh0x6E
14. 85VT10Vcf4ODcF06
15. AN6QGD1SleLPd6pb
16. 1234567
17. nTsJY8Rf9OF5pEFX
18. Kozc69T88UZ92lO6
19. chiron-3
20. 717jason
21. d7kh93mz
22. bbbkk1982
23. minecraftprox
24. bearlove95
25. piterpiter
26. dylanmusic
27. michelle123

There are many more email ID and password available online but these are tested by our team.

2. Using Android Apps

In this method what you do is download android apps and access premium features. Follow the steps and see the result:

Step 1: Download Spotify Premium App from the official store.

Step 2: Enable unknown source on your Android security settings to disable the interruptions.

Step 3: Download any VPN like Super-VPN from the play store.

Step 4: Now as you log in Spotify free account, it will directly take you to Spotify Premium Account.

By Subscription Code

These subscription codes are for beginners. Before starting to use these codes make sure that you have signed up the process.

Step 1: Sign up Spotify using Email, Password, Date of Birth and Gender.

Step 2: On the next window, click on Profile and go to Account.

Step 3: You will see Redeem just click on it.

Step 4: On the next screen put the below code.


Uninstall the previous Spotify Version

Follow these steps to uninstall the previous Spotify Version.

Step 1: Uninstall the previously downloaded Spotify. It is required because if Spotify is already present in your system then it would act as an obstruct for using free Spotify Premium Account.

Step 2: Now head on towards Google Play Store and search for Spotify Premium Account 2019.

Step 3: Now install it on your mobile. Make sure that you have enabled the settings of Android Security System because Android blocks the third party app downloading from unknown sources in order to prevent the system from malware, viruses, etc. If you do not know how to alter the Android settings, then follow these steps:

  • Go to “Settings” in your Android and look for “Security”.
  • Turn on the toggle switch of the “Unknown Source” option.
  • Tap “OK” for the warning pop-ups to complete the process.
  • And once you are done with these steps the installation of Spotify runs as you thought.

Step 4: Spotify is installed but won’t start running until you set up an account. But there is a risk in getting a free premium account as the Android may probably detect the recent updates and that the free premium account has already been used.

The Bottom Line

Spotify is definitely a good app to use but not the cracks as they are not that trustworthy. Finding a correct crack is time consuming a difficult too. All the cracks are not real, they can be malware or something else in the form of a free premium account and can harm your system like anything. And moreover, if Spotify recognizes something unusual and fishy then your account can be suspended and even may lead to further worst consequences.

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