13 Uploaded Premium Link Generators [Free with No Limits]

There are a number of online cloud storage that pays an amount to the uploader for every download of his file. Premium Account ensures that there is no speed capping for downloading. While downloading the service provider shows advertisement and earn money which they spend on Premium Account and invite more customers. Uploaded Premium Link Generators are turbobit, rapidgator, etc. they are absolutely free and have a very high speed.

In a more easier sense, it gives all the benefits of Premium Account without paying even a penny. It works well on Androids or Computers.

Why Uploaded Link Generators are used?

You need a good, stable and free Uploaded Link Generators when you download n number of files every day. Some people use torrent while others go for Premium accounts for this purpose of continuous downloading of files on a regular basis.

People prefer premium accounts has a reason that they are more secure, safe and offer high speed and storage. But not everyone has the money to pay for premium accounts which led to the introduction of these Link Generators. They were known as Leechers.

13 Best Uploaded Premium Link Generators

Here are 13 best uploaded Premium Link generators that you can use for free with no limits or with high limits like 2gb, 5gb, etc.

  1. Deep Bird
  2. Dasan
  3. HyperDebrid
  4. CocoLeech
  5. Premium Zen
  6. Reevown
  7. Uploaded Premium Link
  8. Leechall
  9. BigSpeeds
  10. Hungry Leech
  11. Leech Ninja
  12.  10-download
  13. HarBlaze

Top Uploaded Premium Link Generator

Premium Link Generator

This generator offers premium services with more than 50 options to select. Its features are available only on a paid basis. The site is reliable, links and secure which makes it everyone’s first choice.

Premium Link Generator Pros

  •    It offers you a variety of file hosting options to choose the one you wish to.
  •    It offers very high speed for uploading the downloads.
  •    The resume works well with downloading.
  •    It has good security features.

Premium Link Generator Cons

  •    It has fewer hosting options than other sites.
  •    It offers the cheapest options.


It is a free Link Generators. Also, it supports very big file hosting sites like Croco, Uploaded and 4Shared. It charges an affordable fee for a premium account and therefore can be in everyone’s budget and offers good reliable services.

Pros of Debrid

  •    It supports huge file sizes so that customers can take full benefit of it and enjoy using it.
  •    This saves your time by not showing the annoying pop-up ads and gives you a better and personalized browsing experience.
  •    It provides resume download which is one of its best features and you can enjoy using it comfortably.

Cons of Debrid

  •    Some interruptions while downloading have been reported.
  •    Some downloads from the specified host are limited which turns up to be a headache when you need a big file out of that host.
  •    The broken links are often reported which enable you to visit the site for the second time.


This is the oldest Uploaded Premium Link Generator. This site survived for such a long due to its amazing and user-friendly features. But presently many issues within its own are reported. So if you wish to use this you may but as a backup and not as main. The main feature which is still helping it to survive in the market is its leech. Before using, it would be better if you consider consulting its customers and their experience for better knowledge.

Pros of QFI.im

  •    It supports unlimited file size and provides you an enjoyable experience.
  •    The uploaded downloads are reliable so you do not have security issues.
  •    It supports resume downloads with an advanced feature that you can save what you have downloaded previously.

Cons of QFI.im

  •    Sometimes it comes with unspecified download caps.
  •    It is also noted that it comes with broken download links. This does not allow you to visit the site for the second time.


It offers a great deal to downloading multiple files for different kinds of websites. Also, it has around 100 file hosting sites available all the time. It has a little error appearance problem and a confusing site which can be solved if the user has some prior knowledge of the site and had gone through user reviews thoroughly.

Pros of Leech360.com

  •    This contents a variety of content from various hosting sites and proves to be an end to your endless search.
  •    It offers you immense features that too at a pocket-friendly fee.
  •    The uploading process is quite accessible.

Cons of Leech360.com

  •    It offers and supports so many hosting sites that sometimes it becomes tacky to handle and you end up in a confusion which is the site that you were looking for.
  •    You need to have prior knowledge for using this site. So it’s a bit tacky for beginners to start with.
  •  Lots n lots of annoying error pops up while browsing and causes a moment of frustration.

Link Gen with Deep Bird

It offers to download 5 files simultaneously with 1.2GB per file. You can register as a free user and take the benefit of downloading the files. It comes with the slogan “Your Links, served instantly and it is accurate”. The process to take the benefit of a deep bird is easy. All you have to do is go to a deep bird and click on downloader and get your free premium download. Now copy and paste the link of the hosting site from where you are going to download the file and remember the file password. Now click on “GENERATE” and your file will be generated in a few seconds.

Pros of Link Gen with Deep Bird

  •    It supports no annoying pop-up ads while opening the sites or links.
  •    Anyone can use a premium account to download files.

Cons of Link Gen with Deep Bird

  •    There are no such cons but there is a possibility that speed may get slower due to downloading of big files like 1.2GB, although such issues have not come up till now.

The Bottom Line

Uploaded Premium Link Generators are a good platform to use when you require to download big files on an everyday basis or a regular basis. They offer you safe, secure, high speed with high storage browsing and downloading. I would definitely ask you to use it once and you will love this experience. For any query related to this feel free to contact us.

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