VulkanRT | Should You Remove Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

Many of us often come across VulKanRT while looking for program files in Program File(x86) and then our brain stuck on point what file is this? What is its purpose? Why is this on my PC? Should I delete it? Is Vulkan Runtime Library some kind of malicious program which intent to steal my personal and sensitive information and crash my system?

This article clears all your doubts regarding it. VulKanRT is not a potential threat to your safety neither a malware. Instead, Vulkan Runtime Libraries has many advantages for us. It proves to be a boon for gamers, for people who are interested in 3D graphics. Let’s learn more in detail.

What is VulKanRT?

VulKanRT is an acronym for Vulkan Runtime Libraries. It is a 3D graphics API that supports cross-platform which means it works well on Operating System Software like Windows, Android, Linux, etc. VulKanRT is generally installed by video or display card manufacturer like NVIDIA, Intel, etc. It provides a channel to enhance the performance of hardware in graphics related applications. The solution to everyone’s doubt that is it a virus or malware then the simple answer is a big NO. It is not a Virus.

How Did It Installed?

VulKanRT is a program that comes on the PC without user intervention and consent and stays on PC as the user is totally unaware of its presence.

  • It generally comes on PC via bundling method. It is a method in which developers and distributors of malware enclose VulKanRT along with some free software applications. The user downloads and install the free software but ends up inviting and installing malicious program on his PC. Therefore, it is always advisable to not use the unknown websites as they are the sources of the virus, malware, etc. and do follow the proper procedure to download and install a program instead of rushing with Next. Always go through the License agreement properly. In order to avoid malware on PC, one should choose Custom or Advances Installation and keep his system safe.
  • It comes on the system when you install graphics driver for your graphics card or when you upgrade it.
  • It often visits your PC when you install some game and it requires VulkanRT support.

How to Find if VulkanRT is Installed on your Windows?

For Windows 8 or 8.1

Go to the Start menu then Control Panel and open “Programs and Features”, this gives you the list of all the software installed on your PC.

For Windows 10

Go to “Apps and features” by searching it in the taskbar. As it opens it gives a list of pre-packaged application and software installed. Search for VulKanRT to check whether it is present or not.

Reasons to remove VulKanRT

  • This API is more complex due to its cross-platform graphics management.
  • All application developers does not support this API.
  • Not all the games require VulKanRT.

Methods to Uninstall VulkanRT

VulKanRT is regarded as an extension of browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and hijacks them. It is a potential threat though not a virus but is capable of collecting personal and sensitive data and share with the third party. It collects data by displaying a variety of promotional contents like links to ad sites, coupons, banners, etc.

1. Using SpyHunter

It is a special anti-malware program which includes VulKanRT in its database and removes it with all other related malicious folders, files and registry keys upon scan. It is a free scanner to track down malicious programs.

2. Malwarebytes Antimalware

It is also a special anti-malware program which includes VulKanRT in its threat list and removes all malicious program corrupting your system and cleans up junk after removal.

3. How To remove VulKanRT manually

Step 1: Remove from Control Panel

Every Operating System has its own steps to do it even different version of Windows have different step but the ultimate step is to find and uninstall VulKanRT.

Step 2: Remove from Browser

After uninstalling the application now remove it from browser also and to do it search for recently-installed suspicious add-ons. Every Browser follows its own set of steps for doing this but ultimately their aim is to disable/ remove VulKanRT.

Step 3: Remove from Browser Shortcuts

Removing it from computer and web browser only does not help. Removal from browser shortcut is also needed as it may lead to unknown webpages upon opening browser.

Step 4: Reset Browser Search and Homepage Setting.

Step 5: Remove these files and folders of VulKanRT

Remove registry entries, files, folders named as no information.

Features and Other Information

  • The developer of Vulkan software is Khronos group. 
  • It is a simple graphics driver and provides better control over graphics hardware due to its open and modern architecture.
  • Provides the perfect balance between GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) and CPU( Central Processing Unit) and tends to give more control to CPU as it is more efficient in performing a task over GPU and reduces its load.
  • It is a part of AMD drivers. AMD drivers provide higher and faster performance.
  • Divides workload evenly across multi-core CPU.
  • Used in a 3D real-time application.
  • Used in mobile phones to improve the functioning of graphics based application. Graphics based applications are video games, etc.
  • Works similar to Direct3D12 but with an advantage that it supports multiple Operating Systems.
  • Vulkan optimized games are great fun in runtime.
  • Supports multi-threading which makes the performance of the game smooth and more efficient.
  • It even supports iOS and Mac OS via third-party solutions.     

The Bottom Line

In the world of computer and everything being available online, there are numerous threats to one’s safety and information. Just like the faces of a coin, VulKanRT has both positive and negative impressions. It is us, one who decides how to use it and till what limit. In case of further query feel free to contact us.

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